Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Don't Give Up on the INTPs

One of the biggest challenges coaching youth baseball can be managing INTPs, who are not naturally athletic, and have a tendency to play with the dirt, and drift off during practice. When it gets bad, their lack of attention will infect other players, and pretty soon you've got an infield full of kids making sand castles around the bases.

But one thing I firmly believe is anyone can do well at sports if they put in the effort. And the problem in a lot of cases is kids are coached generically, with little customization for their preferences. INTPs are not going to respond to a litany of mechanical instructions. Better to just tell them to think about hitting the ball back to the pitcher, or swinging the bat and seeing themselves running to first. Like other NPs, they typically respond well to visions of the future, not to continual reminders to lift their elbows.

Another tactic with INTPs is to find out what their interests are outside of sports. Many are into planets and the solar system, you can sometimes make a reference to that or some other interest in efforts to encourage them. But whatever you do, don't use MBTI as an excuse to give up on players.

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  1. I disagree. Intps need clear goals. They're simply not teach as you go. Tell them all they need from the beginning.